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Being the music industry, self-exploitation and emotional resilience are what an artist has to experience, and I think that Avi knows how draining it is. However, is it the one reason why we see many disbandments through time, from N*SYNC, Westlife, Destiny’s Child to One Direction and maybe later, Fifth Harmony?
Avi’s leaving PTX immediately reminds me of the recent case of Zayn Malik’s leaving One Direction. Zayn said that he had felt overworked and could not keep up with the band anymore. So, he was the first one among the five boys to step out and commence a solo career. Eventually, One Direction’s remaining members have as well split up to pursue their own solo career. Speaking of Destiny’s Child, after several comings and leavings, the whole group had maintained the three most harmonious Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly. Not long after a couple of albums, our three talented girls also decided to become soloists.
So what is happening here? Part of it could be attributed to Avi’s and Zayn’s words regarding the overworking conditions they have to suffer. However, there is this one thing not many people know about the nature of the creative industries: Project-based. Creative individuals tend to gather to work on a creative project so that they could bring out the best result of the whole project. Thus, it seems like PTX, One Direction or Destiny’s Child all have successfully done it. By working with each other, they were able to find the peak moments where creativity flourished that helped achieve massive success. Nevertheless, the duration of commitment is usually pre-determined, which means after finishing the project, creative individuals will split to find other people to work with and other projects to engage in, in order to seek for other peak moments. That is how creativity is nourished and stimulated. Contracts between the bands and record labels also form in project-based regulations, which might allow a band to work together on 2 – 3 albums only before they part to continue their own path.
It might be a sad day for PTX’s fans, I bet. But this is how creativity in music works and I think we should all acknowledge. From now on, Pentatonix will be missing one unique tone of a whole perfect combined harmonization – Avi.
No matter what reason it is, we all hope PTX will continue to stay true right where they are. And let’s give Avi some hugs and kisses and wish him all the best on his new journey with music.

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